Monday, December 31, 2012

Sometimes Backwards is the Right Way to Go--Beth Trissel

Out with the new--in with the Old. 

Hearken ye back to whatever  was right and good in your life, and reconnect, revive, resurrect. And remember those who’ve gone before you.  They had much wisdom.  
My fascination with herbs is largely prompted by my absorption with all things historic and the thrill of seeing, touching, sometimes tasting, and above all smelling the same plants known by the ancients. Herbs have changed little, if at all, over the centuries and offer us a connection with the past that precious little does in these modern days. It’s pure intoxication to rub fragrant leaves between my fingers and savor the scent while pondering the wealth of lore behind these plants.  This year consider planting an herb garden, even if it’s on your windows
I’m scheduled to give four online workshops on Herbal Lore and the Historic Medicinal Uses of Herbs for various groups in 2013–beginning with Savvy Authors in March. An autumn workshop for Celtic Hearts Romance Writers will focus on herbs and Lore of the British Isles. The main workshop features a broader range of  lore and peoples, including Native American. The other groups that have invited me to give a workshop are FF&P (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal) and FTHRW (For The Heart Romance Writers).  If you’re  interested in taking part, contact me or one of these fine groups.
***Do a find for Herbal Lore on this blog and you will find much to peruse.

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