Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Historical Romance--The Lady and the Warrior!

Hot off the presses, Amazon Kindle rather, my new short historical romance,The Lady and the Warrior.  My talented art major graduate daughter, Elise, did the gorgeous cover–her first.  Mom’s proud.  So is her father.  And other friends and relations.

A tender adventure romance with a The Last of the Mohican’s flavor,  The Lady and the Warrior gives readers  a taste of my full-length American historical romance novels.  If you like The Lady and the Warrior, chances are you will enjoy Red Bird’s Song, Through the Fire and Daughter of the Wind...all have a Native American theme interwoven with the plot.

Blurb: An abused young wife stranded in the Alleghenies in 1783 is rescued from drowning by a rugged frontiersman who shows her kindness and passion. But is he more than he seems? And can they ever be together?

Pop over to Amazon and find out. FREE for Amazon Prime and .99 for others.

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