Thursday, October 13, 2011

Terrific Review for Red Bird's Song from the Romance Studio!

“I liked this book so much. The author has done a magnificent job of creating both characters and setting. The descriptions of the area are wonderful and put the reader right in there with the characters. Wicomechee is a wonderful, loving and patient hero, one the reader will easily falls in love with. Charity is a spirited young woman who fights against her love for the Shawnee warrior, not willing to accept what could be her alienation from her own people, the English. Her willful spirit is depicted by her bouts of fleeing from Wicomechee and her fearlessness in standing up to him. The author gradually reveals hints of what will happen via the visions Charity experiences. The love between Charity and Wicomechee gradually grows to where Charity can no longer deny it and she becomes totally loyal to Wicomechee. The love scenes are sensuous and tasteful. Their love and lives are greatly tested at the end, and accompanied by a wonderful surprise."
"I will most certainly read other books by this author.”

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Jaye Leyel
October 12, 2011

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