Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Contract With The Wild Rose Press~

As mentioned earlier, and official now, I’ve signed with The Wild Rose Press for my eighth story, my first English historical entitled INTO THE LION’S HEART.  Release date to be determined but I anticipate sometime in May.  At approximately 25,000 words, this story will come out as an English Tea Miniature Rose, but it took as much research as a novel because the time period and setting were different for me. Actually, it's my ninth contract with the Wild Rose Press because I also signed for my FREE READ, Night Hawk, but I digress.

As Into The Lion's Heart is set in England in 1789 at the explosion of the French Revolution, I researched the entire revolution and various aspects of life in Georgian England.  The heroine sails across the channel, so I delved into seafaring vessels and terminology.

Fortunately my mother has read the brilliant Master and Commander series twice and was also a help.  Throw in more research into Dover and Cornwall, smuggling, highwaymen…took me months to write this.

My gracious editor, Senior historical editor Nicole Darienzo, assures me that all hard work paid off, so I trust my readers will agree.   You will be hearing more about Into The Lion’s  Heart in the coming months.

I’ve long been a British junkie, so the setting of a story on English soil was inevitable.  My ancestors are English Scots-Irish and our roots well documented in family genealogy which continues to inspire me.  I was also inspired to write this story by my love of such novels as The Scarlet Pimpernel and Poldark, which came out years ago as a Masterpiece theater series.  I loved it.  Read the novels and watched the series.  And I’ve long been a huge Pimpernel fan.  Poldark opens (initially) at the same time period as my story and then continues forward as the saga unfolds.  The Scarlet Pimpernel is set later during the blackest days of the French Revolution during the Reign of Terror.  I may get to that more bloody time in a later story.

My fascination with England continues.  Given the choice, I am more likely to watch a British murder mystery or historical (the two in one being my favorite) than most anything else.  Netflix have been great for supplying me with stellar productions.   Some of you may wonder how one who is such an ardent fan of colonial America could be so drawn to all things English, but in early America, the New World and the Old World were very intertwined.  The common thread in all my work, is my passion for the past.  And yes, I will return to my beloved colonial America.  Stay tuned.

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