Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some People Could Greatly Benefit from the Visit of Three Spirits

220px-A christmas carolAs the holiday season fast approaches, my mind turns to the invaluable lessons of that time-old classic, A Christmas Carol. Are there people in your life who would bless you and others with the best Christmas gift ever if they turned around, stopped being mean-spirited and thought of others? I find myself praying a transforming event such as occurred to Scrooge might happen for these souls. What a better place our world would be.
I recently revisited this thought while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol with my darling three-year old grandbaby, Chloe. We sang our way through it. At least, I did. She loves music, though not necessarily my rendition. Everyone’s a critic. It’s never too early to sing your way through that movie. Kermit the Frog is Bob Cratchit and the adored Miss Piggy is his wife. Don’t worry, it all works out in the end. Scrooge is miraculously altered just in time for Christmas. The spirits did it all in one night. If only they got around more.
The Muppet Christms CarolYears ago, when Chloe’s mom, my oldest daughter Alison, was in high school, her English teacher (naïvely) told the class they could call him anytime, should questions arise as to the assignment. This is a small private school, so the camaraderie between teachers and students is greater than in many educational institutions at that level. Conniving Alison and several like-minded friends waited until a few days before Christmas and called this well-meaning teacher at midnight. How he kept his wits about him, awakened at that hour, I have no idea, but he had the presence of mind to ask, “Are you the spirits whose coming was foretold to me?”
Brilliant retort. And he retracted that bit about calling him anytime.
Sally forth good spirits and work your wonders. And God bless us everyone.

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