Saturday, November 24, 2012

Glimpse Into Historical Romance Novel Kira, Daughter of the Moon--Beth Trissel

‘A beautiful Scots-Irish healer in the rugged Alleghenies finds herself accused of witchcraft. With the terror of the French and Indian War fresh in her mind, can Kira love a white warrior?’
God help her, she could die of mortification. And oh, was he handsome. What Kira could see of him anyway. She felt miles above the forest floor. Even that wasn’t distant enough, though, as he smiled up at her and the spectacle she’d made of herself.  Why had she worn crimson today? She should’ve donned her mud-colored petticoats and blended in better, or run in the first place––
“Hullo there!” His call disrupted her internal tirade.
Ebenezer chose that particular moment to land on what he could reach of her shoulder and answered, “Hullo!”
The man chuckled. “Another defender?”
Kira nodded, all she could manage in her awkward state.
“Have you others?”
She lifted her chin––sort of––and blew a dark strand of hair from her eyes. “Not at hand.”
He cocked his head to one side. “Pardon my intrusion, Miss, but you seem in want of aid.”
Refusing any acknowledgement of her situation, she said, “No. Just resting,” as if clinging to the tree in this absurd manner were a common occurrence.
“Indeed? I could swear you were stuck up there.”
“I’m quite comfortable.”
“Ah. Would you like me to go, then?”
Heartily.  She felt an utter fool.
“Very well. I shall bid you good day.” Giving a cheery wave, the frontiersman turned and started down the ferny path.
Returning the gesture was impossible; she didn’t dare move.  It occurred to her, rather strongly, that perhaps on this particular occasion it might be best to pocket her pride. Not readily done, but Kira called after him, “Wait!”~
***Available in print and eBook from The Wild Rose Press,  Amazon, at Barnes & Noble in Nookbook, from All Romance eBooks, and other online booksellers.
Although written to stand alone, Kira, Daughter of the Moon is the sequel to my award-winning historical romance novel Through the Fire.

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