Monday, August 6, 2012

New Excerpt from Historical Romance Novel Through the Fire--Beth Trissel

This excerpt from Chapter 13 gives a clear example of the fast-paced adventure romance that is Through the Fire.
White-hot knives of pain stabbed Rebecca’s side. Pushing on, she raced after the black stallion carrying Kate and Tessa to the trees she’d left behind mere hours before. If she made it into the woods at the same place they’d entered, she should be able to find the camp. But what of Shoka?
Tormented by his perilous state, she whirled around toward the turmoil behind her. Grayish white smoke from gunpowder and the burning fort clouded the bodies scattered over the field like rag dolls. Praying Shoka didn’t lie among the fallen, she squinted against the stinging air to seek him in the jumble of men. Tortured seconds passed as she stood, her eyes searching. If she didn’t spot him in a moment she’d run back and—there! She saw him and the tomahawk slashing at his head.
Her heart lurched into her throat as he dodged the lethal blow and sliced his blade across the attacking warrior’s arm leaving a scarlet streak.
A swift kick hurled his howling opponent back. His tomahawk upraised, Shoka rushed at a second brave, fighting his way to her. Musket fire blasted right behind her. She didn’t dare stay where she was. Catawba warriors were firing to shield their retreat toward the trees on the other side of the meadow.
Frontiersmen loosed a volley of shots and ran back to cover behind the flaming fort where the women and children had already fled. She hoped they were safely reunited, but her prayers were fixed on Shoka. She spun around to run and collided with a Catawba brave tearing past her. She reeled into the waves of men.
They shoved her out of their way, and she staggered, crying out as her bruised body hit the ground. She sagged on the grass, too winded to move. Scores of moccasins flew past just inches away from her head.
“Shoka’s woman. You have no pistol now.”
It was a voice she’d hoped never to hear again, dripping with scorn. She looked up in dread. Tonkawa stared down at her. Slitted eyes glinted in his green and black painted face, his powerful body silhouetted against the smoky sky. The silver brooch in his scalp-lock braid gleamed in the single ray of sunlight piercing the haze. Here was a demon sprung from hell.~
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