Thursday, August 19, 2010

If You Like Native American Historical Romance

If you're a fan of Native American historical romance (or historical romance in general) you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve labored over several strongly NA novels, done meticulous research, and written from my heart as I feel profoundly for Native Americans.

To date I have two novels, Through the Fire and Red Bird’s Song, published by The Wild Rose Press that are Colonial Native American Romances with a strong The Last of the Mohican’s flavor and a mystical weave. The colonial frontier is my particular passion, particularly the Virginia frontier which used to be vast  and the Ohio territory. 

A third novel The Bearwalker's Daughter, is a historical fantasy, also carefully researched so the history in it is accurate while the story is also a light paranormal with a bearwalking (shape shifting) Shawnee warrior.  Although The Bearwalker's Daughter is set among the clannish Scots-Irish in the Allegheny Mountains, the story has a strong Native American element and flavor.  As does my short historical romance story, The Lady and the Warrior.

All of these novels and the short story are available from Amazon, Some from Barnes &Noble and other online booksellers.  Your local bookstore can order them in as can your library if you ask them to.  I have made a number of donations to libraries.  I'm a big fan.

To read an excerpt from The Bearwalker's Daughter:

To read an excerpt from Through the Fire:

To read more about the story and inspiration behind Red Bird’s Song:

Each of these books, particularly Red Bird’s Song, were inspired by actual events that occurred to my early American Scots-Irish ancestors in the colonial frontier.   The high drama of the frontier, the power and passions of that time period are deeply stirring to my imagination.   I hope you will enjoy these books while gaining an appreciation for a mostly forgotten time and people.

When I look out the window at the distant ridges of the Alleghenies I remember the people who once roamed those ruggedly beautiful woodlands.  But not only the mountains, the Shenandoah Valley where I live and my family has lived for several hundred years was at once time the frontier.  Many Indian encounters and attacks took place in the valley.  Some to my ancestors and their friends and neighbors.  The Scots-Irish were highly interrelated.

Not to neglect my English ancestors who were also a part of these early dramatic times.  One of them, a Quaker, had visions and was so liked by the Indians they asked him to sit in on some of their treaties knowing he would be fair.  From my studies of history, and given that he lived in colonial Maryland/PA, I have concluded the tribes he was in communication with were the Shawnee, who make up the bulk of my research, and their close allies the Lene Lenape or the Delaware as they are otherwise known. A Shawnee historian with whom I once worked told me I should have made the Delaware the subject of my fascination as in his opinion they were nicer, but I have stuck to researching mostly the Shawnee.  Go team!

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